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  • Poudre High School5

    Fort Collins, CO | Larimer County

    March 24, 2014

    I cannot understand how Great Schools gave Poudre High a score of 6 out of 10. With two boys, and a few transfers, we've come across several schools. This is one od the best. The Teachers, Faculty and Support Staff are absolutely top tier. I could not be more thankful for the education they gave my son.

    Submitted by a parent

    June 23, 2013

    My daughter attended Poudre High School as both an IB and later an AP (with one IB class) student. The school allowed her to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. In her case, she concentrated mostly on theatre which she absolutely loved at PHS. The teachers she had were for the most part very dedicated to their students. She received a remarkably good education and is well prepared for the highly selective college she will be attending this fall.

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    October 3, 2009

    As an IB school, it challenges kids every day, not just academically, but regarding social responsibility. They are not just turning out better students, but teaching students to be better people and stewards of the planet.

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    September 14, 2009

    Education through the IB proygram is as good as any prep school I know, and the school is racially and ethnically diverse.

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    July 4, 2008

    I transferred to Poudre my Junior year of High School and was really impressed with it. I'm an '06 graduate and am now attending Colorado State University full-time. I would greatly suggest this school for any student who wants a strong educational experience.

    Submitted by a student

    December 17, 2007

    A superb International Baccalaureate Program

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    December 14, 2007

    I've been at Poudre for less than a year, and I'm in the 9th grade IB program. Being a gifted student, I have received multiple offers to attend accelerated boarding schools. Most of the brochures sent seem to focus on one thing: 'It's cool to be smart here!' Well, I am proud to say that at PHS, it is VERY cool to be smart, and I wouldn't leave this high school for anything!

    Submitted by a student

    May 5, 2007

    Fantastic school for whatever your interests are. Top music program, top science programs, excellent opportunities for college courses during HS. We have been extremely pleased w/PHS.

    Submitted by a parent

    September 13, 2006

    This is a great school. Our 10th grade son started here in the 9th grade IB program. He likes the IB program and for the school overall enjoys the accepting and diverse social environment, the involved teachers, and the committed athletic coaches. We think the principal does a great job setting the tone here. We're very happy to have our son at Poudre.

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    April 12, 2004

    My daughter is a ninth grader at Poudre and has already come to love it, not just because of IB but also because there are no 'cliches' everyone is pretty much excepted as far as she can see.

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    May 2, 2003

    Poudre has given my student the opportunity to travel and meet great friends. She loves her teachers, the business teachers are her favorite; there always there for her!

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